Raul Luis Antonio

Raul Luis Antonio Computer Support Specialist
Gateway really cares about your success!

Gateway Technical College IT - Computer Support Specialist graduate Raul Luis Antonio found Gateway was the perfect place to make a beneficial career change.

"I had good skills fixing computers. It started with helping relatives and friends, but then I put two and two together and thought, 'Wait a minute. I have Gateway right in my backyard. I should go check out their IT programs.' I met with admissions and put a plan together, and from there, I started taking courses."

Just as Raul enjoyed teaching himself how to fix computers at home, the hands-on learning Gateway provided helped keep him interested and engaged throughout his time at the college.

"It was very hands-on, and I enjoyed that aspect of it. I wasn’t just stuck in a room with lectures. We would do lectures, but we'd also do a project to apply what we learned to real-world scenarios. That was a great experience," says Raul.

"We had great labs too. There were times you could use campus computers to access the programs you needed for courses if you didn’t have a laptop to study the things you needed to study."

Working in the field today, Raul now sees the value in his general education coursework.

"When you're taking college courses like speech or doing group projects, you might wonder why. It might not feel connected to what you’re studying, but this all prepares you for life after graduation because those communication skills and collaboration skills are all necessary in my professional field."

Beyond the classes, it was the faculty leading each course that helped Raul feel confident in his choice to study at Gateway.

"The culture at Gateway was awesome. Faculty understood students have lives outside of class. If you communicate your needs and what you are struggling with, they'll help you or guide you to someone who can help. It's really nice that everyone wants to help you succeed here," says Raul.

"As an adult, going back to school is very nerve-racking. And, you know you want to pick up a new skill, but it can still be scary. At Gateway, everyone is friendly and supports you as you go through this. Gateway really cares about your success."